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RIP DVDF Xbox Clan


After almost 10 years of gaming, sadly the DVDF Xbox Clan is no more.

Founded in November 2004, The DVDF Xbox Community Clan was born from a group of like minded people from the DVD Forums (now the Digital Fix). People there wanted to play games with people they already knew rather than all the other random annoying people you meet on Xbox Live, so the clan was born. Originally just another Halo 2 clan, things evolved from there into a multi-gaming Xbox community.

Over the years we completed in hundreds of clan matches on a range of games from Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon and Forza Motorsport. At our height we had over 100 active clan members, with our regular weekly Sunday night Halo events over subscribed by 2 to 1.

But times are hard, people are getting older and more lazy and gradually interest died down to a few select losers who couldn’t let go.

So I’d like to thank everyone for making the clan such an awesome place for the last 10 years, I’ll miss you guys.


The Table and the Chair

The Table and the Chair
by Edward Lear

Said the table to the chair,
“You can scarcely be aware
How I suffer from the heat
And from blisters on my feet!
If we took a little walk
We might have a little talk.
Pray, let us take the air!”
Said the table to the chair.

Said the chair unto the table,
“Now you know we are not able!
How foolishly you talk
When you know we cannot walk!”
Said the table with a sigh,
“It can do no harm to try.
I’ve as many legs as you.
Why can’t we walk on two?”

So they both went slowly down,
And walked about the town,
With a cheerful bumpy sound
As they toddled all around.
And everybody cried
As they ran up to their side
“See! The table and the chair
Have come out to take the air!”

But, in going down an alley,
To the castle, in the valley,
They completely lost their way
And they wandered all the day
‘Til, to see them safely back,
They paid a ducky-quack
And a beetle and a mouse
To take them to their house.

Then they whispered to each other
“Oh delightful little brother!
What a lovely walk we’ve taken!
Let us dine on beans and bacon!”
So the ducky and the little
Brownie-mousey and the beetle
Dined, and danced upon their heads,
‘Til they toddled to their beds.

We’re back baby!!! (again) is back (again) and now 10000% more awesome!!!

Well after very unsuccessful version 2, I have decided to scrap everything and start over again for a second time.

Version 1, the origin

Originally was an Xbox new site [ Xbox News and Stuff]. I kept this going for approximately 5 years, producing over 1700 posts. But eventually the enthusiasm waned and the effort to find and post new stories every day is just too great.

Version 2, the re-birth

The first re-launch of was meant to keep things simple. It would be just a standard personal blog type thing, which I would regularly keep updated with useless posts. This never happened and after a year, I had only posted about 10 things.

Version 3, the future

This time rather than concentrating on the blog side of things, which I rarely update now-a-days, I have settled for a static front end with the blog part as a secondary sub-section. This time I’ve also included some work related stuff on my publications page, which will probably be of little interest to anyone who reads these pages, but it was easy content to create.

So, welcome to Donkey Just another useless website, I hope you enjoy your visit.