Awesome to the MAX!!!


Best of mates

Eli and Sheldon, best of mates.

best of mates 1

best of mates 2

My kittens have cones…

Yesterday was not a good day for the kittens as they both had their ‘bits’ chopped off… Now they’re both wearing cones for 48 hours.


Sheldon is back

After 6 long weeks of cage rest after his broken leg, Sheldon is finally back in action… :)


Awesome sauce to the MAX!!!

My stupid cat broke his leg

We’ve only had him a few days, but our stupid cat broke his leg a couple of days ago. Still, hard to be mad at him when he looks this cute… :)

Sheldon broken leg

Sheldon is feeling much better. Thanks to the Shinfield Road Veterinary Surgery for fixing him.

The kittens have arrived!

Just in time for Christmas, the kittens have arrived. #cuteness


We’ve not named them yet, unsure of the sex…

Simon’s Cat – Festive Specials