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University techie, internet geek, Pokémon GO addict, Xbox player, cat lover and simply awesome to the MAX!!! Hi, my name is Richard, and welcome to my website – This website is my personal website blog type thing and brings you all the rubbish which is too big for my Twitter page (in reality just a load of YouTube links), plus a spattering of my work related nonsense from the University of Reading.

Originally this website was an Xbox news blog (for about 5 years), but I’ve decided to ditch that and resort to the crappyness you see before you.

Huh, Donkey Biscuits..?

So, what is a Donkey Biscuit you are asking? Take your pick…

1. Biscuits that you feed to donkeys.
2. Biscuits that are made from donkeys.
3. Something that I heard once that sounded vaguely cool.

Looking for the DVDF Xbox Clan?

Did you arrive at this site having clicked on a link to the DVDF Xbox Clan? Sorry to say that the clan is now dead. Read more about that here…

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If for some strange reason you would like to drop me a message, you can email me at richard [@]

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Thank you for popping in; I hope you enjoyed your stay. If you found anything of use then congratulations. Maybe I’ll post some new stuff one day, but don’t count on it.

Anyway, welcome to, I hope you enjoy your visit.